Company Profile

Holy Dragon Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015 June 30, Holy Dragon Co., Ltd’s destination is for providing services at Oil & Gas Sector and Trading. We are under SMART Group of Companies which established since 1994 as a one stop service provider.


  • To achieve excellent operation, industry-leading and client satisfaction.


  • To provide superior quality service and reliability to clients
  • To strive to grow our business with experience, knowledgeable and competitive price for our clients and suppliers.
  • To provide the Oil & Gas industry with unparalleled services and strategic thining

Our Value

  • Priority for safety and environmental responsibility
  • Treat with respect to all concern parties
  • Always add value and work as one team

Organizational Structure

ISO Information

Ms. Ngwe Ngwe Khine

Ms. Ngwe Ngwe Khine

Document Controller

Phone: +959 895 203 436