Our Projects

 Track Record


Client Name Projectile Title Project Location
STS (COOEC) Agency & Logistic Services and Warehouse Barge & Vessel Clearance Zawtika B1 phase
LandOcean Co-operation for Marketing
Marine AP Local Agency & Operation Support Services Zawtika B1 phase
EMGS Agency & Logistic Services
POSEIDON Supervision Services
iSURVEY Local Representative for Relation with MOGE
MOGE Supplying electrical spares for ZJ 70L Rigs ZJ 70L Rigs
BGP Customs Clearance and Inland Transport PSC H & C1
ULTERRA Agency & Logistic Services
KEURI Agency & Logistic Services and Marketing
DLV Agency & Logistic Services
CPTDC Co-operation for Material Supplying
Enro Analisa Local Representative for Relation with MOGE
Smit International Gulf Services Local Representative for Relation with MOGE
COSL Oil-Tech (Singapore) Ltd Agency & Logistic Services M-15
Pacific Hunt Customs Clearance
Pivot Point Food Provision Service
CFG Passenger On/Off and Equipment Re-export M-15
YCDC Supplying 3 wheels vehicles
Marine AP Vessel Clearance for Importing Cargo (CIPL for MOGE-3) Kaw Thaung
Car Rental Service CAL CAL Office
PTTEP Manpower Service PTTEP Head Office
COSL Myanmar Vehicle Rental Service COSL Myanmar Office
COSL Prospector Pte., Ltd Purchasing Goods
COSL Prospector Pte., Ltd Master Service (Visa Extension)




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